Athena & Poseidon

Athena; The goddess of mind and art competes with the sea god Poseidon. Each one was appointed to give humanity the most prized reward, by the greatest god Zeus. Poseidon created a salty lake on the acropolis of Athens. Athena provides for the cultivation of an olive tree at the gate of Aeropolis. Athena said that this plant is an emulsion that will cure the wounds of humanity, a tasteful food and flame to brighten the darkness. The largest city in Greece is then called Athens.

Then the management of Athens was given to Athena who presented the olive tree, which is more beneficial than sea. The persians fired the olive tree in the acropol when they attacked Athens, however by sprouting at a night, the tree proved its immortality. The intelligent tree was going to grow and become a big tree. The people would eat its fruit and benefit from its oil. Its oil would become a light by burning and warm the fireplaces. Its cure-all liquid would be a cure for all sores and patients. At the same time, it is believed that the Greeks were born under the olive tree.

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