Our company Orhanoğlu Gıda aims to continuously improve all products and processes in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015-ISO 22000: 2005 standards, to increase the quality level and to control the quality assurance system continuously.

Our quality policy principles

  • Our company aims to provide high quality and reliable service and to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction with its employees and management,
  • The service offered to our customers is checked on time and our customers are constantly informed about our service,
  • To meet the demands and expectations of our customers in order to eliminate the defects, risks and hazards that may threaten human health in all processes from raw material input to endproduct,
  • To ensure that our employees act in a team spirit with an understanding of continuous training,
  • To continuously improve our quality and food safety management system by team work with our employees,
  • To ensure that our products comply with national and international standards and legal regulations,
  • To ensure the sustainability of quality product service,
  • By continuously restructuring our physical conditions, to provide in time and uninterrupted service to our customers with remarkable cutting-edge system technology,
  • To produce healthy and delicious olive and fermentation products in clean and hygienic environments, to ensure all necessary food safety investments,
  • To provide the necessary personal safety products for the hygiene and work safety issues in our company and to ensure the continuous use of these equipments,
  • To increase recycling rates and reduce waste considering our environment,
  • Ensuring that all non-compliances and corrective actions are evaluated in terms of risks and opportunities.
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